• Derreck Carter-House

Props to Props Discussion

Last night Holly Mayton, Greg Newkirk, Ben Sommerkorn and I met at a brewery downtown to discuss the new ballot measures. All of us have different political leanings, but we had a great time sharing our points of views and arguing for and against the propositions. Amazingly, after a few hours of discussion we were able to come to a consensus on many measures. After we had completed a woman came up to us and introduced herself as a professor at UCR and told us that we had brought tears to her eyes as we were debating the measures. She thanked us and left. I think we were all surprised to learn that someone had been listening and even more we had inspired someone by exemplifying functional civil discourse. I'm convinced that we as a nation need to learn to listen and respect each other. In light of pipe-bombs in the mail and inflammatory language I'd like to focus more on listening than talking this week. I invite you to do the same. Talk to someone with which you don't share view points.

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