A scientist with intrinsic motivation to innovate and advocate


I'm Derreck Carter-House. I am a Ph.D. researcher at the University of California, Riverside. My research combines microbiology, molecular biology, and computational analysis to understand how microbes fight each other with the goal to discover new antimicrobials that can be used in agriculture and medicine. 

Outside of the lab, I enjoy the challenges of new projects and hobbies. You can usually find me doing all kinds of things from raising birds, to leathercrafting, to learning and playing new instruments.


At UCR I've worked to establish a Science to Policy Program to train young scientists to communicate their research make a positive impact in the world, giving them the chance to branch out of academia and into new and exciting careers. 

Check out my guest appearance on FungiTown and other great episodes.

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Science Writing

Microbial Associates of the Southern Mole Cricket (Scapteriscus borellii) are Highly Pathogenic


This paper covers the very interesting discovery of our bacteria strains used in later experiments.

Will we soon be living in a post-fungicide era?


Genome-scale phylogenetics reveals a monophyletic Zoopagales (Zoopagomycota, Fungi)


The Consequences of Drought on Plant Pathology