I love fanny packs. They are so handy and pragmatic, I've been wearing them for years. However, I always struggled to find the perfect fanny pack. One day I approached my grandfather, a skilled leathersmith, about making me one. Together we worked to fashion my fanny pack out of leather, exactly to my specifications. I wore it every day for a year. I came back to him with a new design and improvements, but instead of making the fanny pack he taught me to work with leather and make my own. In addition to custom making my fanny packs, I find the whole process therapeutic from designing, choosing the leather, cutting, sewing, and oiling. I often custom make things for myself or my friends based on their needs.


If you want me to make you something let me know. I've made fanny packs, wallets, messenger bags, backpacks, pencil/computer dongle bags, and computer sleeves. I'm open to exploring ideas too. Send me an email and we can try to make something for you.