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The Consequences of Drought on Plant Pathology

Executive Summary: Climate change is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of

severe weather events such as drought. This extreme weather will affect crops and all animals

and humans that depend on them. Plants under drought conditions become stressed, which

leads to increased susceptibility to pathogens and pests, as well as decreases in overall yield

and productivity. As the world’s population continues to grow, there will be increased

dependency on states like California to produce the necessary quantity and quality of food.

However, as a leader in crop production and a recent victim of severe drought, California is

particularly threatened by the changing climate. With a decline in crop production, water

availability, and job opportunities, the recent drought has affected California agriculture in

more ways than one. We invite the California State Legislature committees on Natural

Resources and Water, in partnership with the committees on Agriculture, to examine crop

management in the context of climate change. Additionally, we task these committees with

recognizing the need for novel methods, technologies, and products and taking action on

supporting the research and development of these ideas that will help alleviate major crop

production issues. Collectively, these efforts will lead the agricultural industry one step closer

to meeting the needs of consumers, in light of changing climates, especially during drought.

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